Scattered Art From the First Half of 2015

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I haven’t posted much art here lately, so I should fixed that. I’m still busy with contract work that I’m not legally allowed to share, but I have managed to draw a few things in-between work.

Firstly, at the beginning of the year I work on a series of illustration, one of which was submitted and accepted into Gallery Nucleus’s “The Legend of Korra/Avatar: The Last Airbender Tribute Exhibition.”

avatar_aang avatar_kyoshi avatar_wan avatar_roku avatar_korra


Then in May, I painted this Legend of Zelda/Splatoon crossover piece for a contest Nintendo was hosting:


Finally, this summer, I started more seriously designing some of Tolkien’s Valar characters as part of a discussion for Mythgard’s Silmarillion Film Project. I’m still playing around with the designs at a sketchbook level, but I was already pretty happy with one of my designs for Manwe, so I decided to go ahead and do a full-scale painting:



Here are some additional WIP and Sketchbook Valar drawings (a Nienna and a Manwe) that have been posted elsewhere online:

WIP_nienna01 sketchbook_manwe01

Speaking of The Silmarillion, I also started redirecting some of my environment/color study practice to be based around the geographical locations from the book. I haven’t worked on anymore yet, but hopefully will be able to soon:




P.S. I’ve added all of the Avatar illustrations and the Manwe painting to my INPRNT shop, in case anyone is interested in purchasing prints.

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