21 Days: Master Study Challenge

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Noah Bradley recently encouraged his followers to partake in a challenge in which they must complete a master study every day for twenty-ones days. I completed the challenge mere hours ago, and below are the fruits of my labors (I spent 1-2 hours on each study).

002_conradKiesel_Marguerites01 003_robertoFerri_01 004_carvvagio01 005_ivanshishkin_inthegrove01 006_elizabethfinley_japenesefa01 007_georgedmitriev01 008_ivanaivazovsky01 009_albertbierstadt001 010_VicktorBykov001 011_PederMørkMønsted_Skogslandskap001 012_WiliamAdolpheBouguereau_PortraitOfGabrielle001 013_JohnSingerSargent_001 014_FrederickJuddWaugh_sunset001 015_AgustusLamplough_001 016_BenjaminWilliamsLeader_001 017_FredericEdwinChurch_ElCorazonDeLosAndes_001 018_RobertoFerri_001 019_HerbertJamesDraper_TheLamentForIcarus_001 020_Rembrandt_ChristInTheStormOnTheLakeOfGalilee_001 021_HenrykSiemiradzki_ChristInTheHouseOfMarthaAndMary_001Also, yes, I haven’t updated this blog in over a year. The reason behind that is that I can’t legally post anything I’ve been working on lately, and what I have been working on is consuming all my art time, so no personal art to post. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post more after getting through the next few months.

In the meantime, you can always follow my Tumblr or Instagram for WIPs and sketches.


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