The Orphan, the Hero, and the King

Another Mythgard commision, this time for Verlyn Flieger’s upcoming Fall course ‘Tolkien in Tradition: The Orphan, the Hero and the King.’ For more information on the course click here.

Leaf by Niggle

Another commission for Mythgard! This piece was made for their upcoming ‘Beyond Middle-Earth‘ course, which will be taught by Corey Olsen and Tom Shippy. The class covers some of Tolkien’s materials outside his primary legendarium, including a short story entitle “Leaf by Niggle,” which this … Continue readingLeaf by Niggle


First time using Manga Studio to ink… I think I’ll be using it more often.

Three Houses of the Edain

Designs of the general look of soldiers (a.k.a. the extras) of the three houses of men in Beleriand around the year 455 Y.S. Will serve as cultural reference when designing the armor of the main characters from each house.