First time using Manga Studio to ink… I think I’ll be using it more often.

Heart of the Woods

The Norse Zelda AU has shifted to original idea at this point, so we have the femLink character here, who is becoming less femLink and more of her own character now. However, this region does parallel the Lost Woods region of Hyrule. This was going … Continue readingHeart of the Woods

Three Houses of the Edain

Designs of the general look of soldiers (a.k.a. the extras) of the three houses of men in Beleriand around the year 455 Y.S. Will serve as cultural reference when designing the armor of the main characters from each house.

Smaug the Magnificent

I started this before my previously-posted commissioned piece featuring Smaug, and in part got said job after submitting a rough of this piece. I slowly worked on it on and off again for three months, finishing it in mid December (very late on posting it … Continue readingSmaug the Magnificent