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 About a month-and-a-half ago I caved and signed up for a Tumblr account. However, I am using it for good and not evil! I’m strictly (with a few minor excepts) just posting stuff related to art and animation.

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I’m eventually going to embedded my Tumblr feed into the sidebar of this website (so the two can act as one website), but the PHP running on my server isn’t currently set up to run the appropriate plugin. However, I’ll be visiting the my parent’s home, and consequentially the home of my server, around Christmas time, so you won’t have to wait an unreasonable amount of time.In other news, I will be attending the CTN Animation Expo this year. I couldn’t last year because of how short notice a number of things were, but I am well prepared and informed this time around. I’ll be taking the bus down overnight with the rest of animators from my school and will spend my time running around the convention floor as a volunteer (volunteers get in free!) If you see me feel free to say hi, and I’ll give you my business card… though if you are already familiar with this website you don’t really need one…Also, I’m considering starting live drawing demonstrations and tutorials. The live shows would just be when I’m working on my Sketch of the Days, possibly twice a week, with a third show for a miscellaneous topic, such as animation or visual development. I’m also thinking about having some live tutorials that would be accompanied by written tutorial posts here; these would be less common, every one to two months. Tell me what you think in the comments.

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